NIP Nursing in Public

My thoughts and feelings have changed and grown regarding breastfeeding since I began this journey with my baby.  We are now at 8 months going strong and counting.  My breastfeeding goal is for at least 1 year and to go with baby-lead weaning.  I’ve had great success with babywearing and co-sleeping as tools for bonding and picking up on breastfeeding cues.  I feel confident in discreetly nursing in public now because of a baby carrier. One of my first NIP (that’s Nursing In Public) experiences was nerve-wracking but overall success.  When my baby was almost 3 months old we went on our first grocery shopping trip just the two of us.  I had just recently figured out how to use a Moby wrap as a means of carrying or wearing my baby.  As soon as we walked into the store with the shopping cart she began to bob her head and route around.  I guess I didn’t feed her right before we left the house. I decided to put this wrap carrier to the test and attempt nursing while wearing her and shopping

I quickly scurried into the restroom to figure out how to position her while looking in a mirror to see if I could make it look not so obvious, got a good latch, then off we went into the brightly-lit supermarket.  I was so afraid someone might realize what I was doing and have something to say about it.  I had heard stories of people being harassed for feeding their babies and I was not that confident yet to endure any criticism. I was avoiding eye contact with people as we passed in hopes that they wouldn’t look or notice.  Nobody said a word and in fact, a few women who saw me nodded at me approvingly and with silent applause encouraged me to do what I had to do while going on with my everyday activities. I left that day feeling like I could do anything.