Breastfeeding Tent at the Farmer’s Market

 The Breastfeeding Initiative of Ulster County (BIUC) in New York had a breastfeeding tent every week at the farmer’s market. With chairs and a baby changing table, women felt supported. We had poster boards and markers and asked people to share their breastfeeding experiences. Here are some of the shares.

I make milk. What’s your superpower. 16 mos. n still going strong.

Hi! Breastfed my son for 2 years, he weaned himself, my daughter, for 4 years. She weaned herself. The best time of our lives. Reggi

Breastfeeding promotes good maternal and child health and it’s a wonderful bond between mother and child.

18 mos. and 17 mos. YES!

I nursed y son for three years, he is 40 now. He is very successful and very healthy! Never been really sick in his life. None of my friends breastfed but I persisted and loved it! It was the best part of having a baby. Susan Friedman

Go Breast PowerWhat a gift!

Breastfeeding is the best way to feed, nourish, and nurture your children.

Do it in the food court!

Ben breastfed many years ago -Now 24…years old!

Yeah; Mommy milk is breast/best!!!

Until 2 1/2!

Eric until 10 months Inez until 16 moths, Wonderful experience!

Rebecca Shea and Kaya Butterfly 2 1/2 yrs of Beboo!

I nursed my baby in line at a military commissary.

While walking along, giving a children’s tour of a 100 yr old ship my little one in backpack climbed over my shoulder to nurse.

Nurse everywhere.

Nursed for 2 yrs- easy.

Breastfed three for a total of 3 years! Best for kids!

Power of women

Breastfeeding sucked my uterus back into shape. 

I support this work. Joanne

Recycle yarmulkes as breast pads.

My sister nursed my niece- a wonderful experience for both.

Recipe for healthy kids.

Cabbage leaves really work.

I nursed 2 children- (self-weaning)  for 9 1/4 years! LOVED IT. Very close to them as adults.

More to come in a future blog.